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    Stateful session beans can have @WebRemote methods??

    Charls Cross Newbie

      Hello, I need to take data from database and pass it via @WebRemote for showing in Google Maps. So I  created an Stateful Session Bean for retrieving the data, and placed there a @WebRemote method for passing the retrieved data to the xhtml page. This is not working, it gives me the sensation that the xhtml is not getting the value returned by the @WebRemote method.

      So the answers are: Stateful session beans can have @WebRemote methods?? Witch kind of Bean do I need for doing this?? The problem is that if I make a Conversation scoped Bean I can't retrieve the data from the database, so how can I get data from a Stateful Session Bean and pass it to a Stateless or Conversation Bean??

      Thank you all!