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    Home beans and Stateful action listeners

    José Moreira Newbie


      perhaps the title isn't very explicit but my question is this:

      right now i'm coding a user registration wizard. there are 2 entity beans, a User and a Profile (User has a Profile, like in Seam wiki).

      the 1st screen edit's the user info and the 2nd the profile info. the user cannot be persisted before all the data is filled because the Profile is required and has required properties.

      There are 2 view's, userRegister.xhtml and userRegisterProfile.xhtml

      Like in dvdstore demo, i have created a UserRegister stateful bean with 2 methods, registerUserInfo() and registerUserProfile() and a @In User property. I can bind the views and the methods using a jPDL pageflow definition, and validate the data in those methods, cool!

      My real question is, how does a UserHome component relate to this process, is it required? Or more exactly, how do Home objects relate to statefull/less java beans? can i manage the UserHome instance instead of a User property of RegisterAction?

      Because persistence will be activated in the UserRegister bean i suppose.