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    Persistent Process Instances When The Process Changes

    Neil C Novice

      A colleague of mine raised an interesting question recently.  We are both using Seam and JBPM for our respective projects.  He was wondering what happens in the following scenario:

      1. A process as defined in JBPM has started on a Friday.

      2. It has been persisted because it is waiting for a task to be completed since the actor involved has gone home early for the weekend.

      3. Over said weekend, the team deploys a new version of the application that defines a new business process to replace the one begun and persisted in the previous steps.

      4. Actor logs in Monday morning to finish and...

      I have no idea what happens next.

      I understand this is something that isn't going to happen all the time, but even if it happens once, that could be a major issue.

      Any insight into how to address this situation, either through JBPM APIs or otherwise, is much appreciated.