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    marx3 Apprentice

      Is there possibility to get from nested conversation to it's parent conversation? Maybe via conversation stack?

      I have bean with @PerNestedConversation annotation and I need to get to it's instance in parent conversation.

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          hasan Newbie

          With @PerNestedConversation the component instance that exists in the parent conversation is invisible to its child conversations.

          Why are u using @PerNestedConversation if you want to acces the parent conversation?

          I think you should be using


          Here the nested conversation uses the same instance as that of parent

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            marx3 Apprentice

            I need to use two different instances - one is parent and second one is a child. Those are two different beans with different data.

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              hasan Newbie

              In that case. try this

              import org.jboss.seam.core.Conversation;
              String parentId = Conversation.instance().get.getParentId();
              ConversationEntry parentConversationEntry = ConversationEntries.getInstance().getConversationEntry(parentId);
              // play with ur parentConversationEntry here
              // parentConversationEntry.