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    Back button from subprocess: back=enabled doesn't work, error?

      I have a bunch of subprocesses which are executed from main pageflow like this:

      <process-state name="subprocess-regenerate-password">
              <sub-process name="regeneratePasswordSubProcess.jpdl"/>
              <transition to="checkCredentials"/>

      and in this sub-process' pageflow I have something like:

      <start-state name="start">
              <transition to="step-enter-email"/>
      <page name="step-enter-email" view-id="/user/regeneratePass.xhtml"
              <transition name="REGISTER" to="subprocess-register"/>
              <transition to="generateAndSendNewPassword"/>

      But after using browser's back button from this subprocess and trying to perform different navigation from the main pageflow user is forced again into /user/regeneratePass.xhtml view and illegal navigation error is reported.

      When there are no suprocesses back button handling works ok.