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    Rich Tree



      We are using the richfaces tree control for building a tree based navigation. Is there any support provided for auto-refresh when a node is deleted from the tree ?

      We were able to bind the node selection with the View on the right side , but when we delete the child node , is there any way to refresh only the opened tree parent node ?


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          You could bind your entire rich:tree with UITree component from richfaces package. For example.

          Create a seam component UITreeBean of SESSION scope. Define a org.richfaces.component.UITree member with it's getter and setter and finally binds your rich:tree with this member. So every change you make in your tree it's gonna be reflected in your page.

          <rich:tree binding="#{uiTreeBean.yourUITree}" />

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            Thanks for your reply.

            The tree should work like a windows explorer. When i delete a node on the right side of the screen, the node which was shown in the tree should automatically get deleted.

            All operations (add/delete) happen in the right frame and not on the tree component.

            Example -

            Tree Frame     View Frame
            Root          root1 page will be shown when
                      "root1" is selected from the tree
            - root1
            - root2


            Now if i delete root1 from the delete action in the root1 View Page,how does the root1 in the tree get deleted ?


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              What about remove/add node by code in your delete/add action and refresh your tree frame. Or you could use DIV's instead of frames, things would be easier i think.


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                If we refresh the tree frame, the state is lost. If i had some parent nodes open, it just collapses all...we need a way to save the current start and only refresh the opened node...

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                  Take a look at this thread