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    hard question on filters

    Dean Hiller Expert

      I would like to create a very special filter that rewrites the requested URL so this...


      are rewritten as

      and I stuff the actually company id into the session.  Then the filter checks security to see if the logged in user has access to that company and if so forwards to seam to handle properly...hosteditinabox.com/web/main.xhtml  and my seam components can use the company id to get the correct info.  Can I use a seam filter or do I need a servlet filter for this?  Is this even possible?

      yes, ideally, I would like to change DNS but need this as well.  Anyone know how to programatically change DNS so I can add ibm.hosteditinabox.com to a DNS when ibm registers?  That would be nice to know too :), but right now just need something quick and simple like above.