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    navigation and from-view-id

    Markus Heidt Newbie


      I need something like

      <navigation from-view-id="/issue_detail.xhtml">
      <raise-event type="com.dai.dante_issues.unlock_bug" />

      But the from-view-id is not valid.

      Or in other words:

      Every time, the user clicks away from the from-view-id,
      I want to have an event being raised...or alternatively a function can be called as well.

      Is there a different way to do this by coding it in one place only...I don't want to change the .page.xml for every view.


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          Markus Heidt Newbie

          So far I only come up with this solution:

          <page ...

          But this has two disadvantages:

          1. I need to put the action into each page, except the one that is locking the bug.

          2. It is called everytime, although I want it being called only when the previous page was a certain page (the one, that locks the bug)

          Is there anything possible in Seam?