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    Release conversation

    Sergio R Pantano Newbie

      How I end a nested conversation and start a new nested in the same action or redirect???

      I'm trying this, but it doesn't work.

      In Action:

      public String saveAndNew() {
          return save();        

      In pages.xml:

      <page view-id="add.xhtml" login-required="true">
        <navigation from-action="#{action.saveAndNew}">
          <rule if-outcome="sucess">
            <begin-conversation nested="true"/>
            <redirect view-id="add.xhtml"/>

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          Jacob Orshalick Apprentice

          You will need to start the new conversation after the redirect has occurred.  When specifying beforeRedirect=true, the conversation is destroyed just prior to the redirect and a new temporary conversation will be created for add.xhtml.  This conversation should then be promoted to long-running through a begin.

          Hope that helps.