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    RichFaces: Issue with displaying Dynamic panel

    venkata phanikumar Newbie

      Hi ,

      My requirement is that, i have a page with four links. On clicking on each link, i should display a table and a textfield to filter out the table results.
      To make it generic i am generating the table and filter fields dynamically and binding to a <rich:panel>

      <rich:panel id="manageUsersPanel" styleClass="surveyPanel">
       <rich:panel binding="#{adminUsersDataBean.searchTablePanel}" />

      The binding #{adminUsersDataBean.searchTablePanel} is of type HtmlPanel.
      It has two child components HtmlPanelGrid and HtmlDataTable.

      and finally rendering the panel on clicking on each link.

      Now the issue is, By the moment i click on any link and reRender the panel it is not showing up.
      If i do F5/ Ctrl + F5 i am able to see the table and other fields.

      Surprisingly if a place any richfaces tags (some <h:outputtext> /<a4j:commandButton> any code) it is coming.
      Only the dynamic binding value is not refreshing.

      Some body please help me out to sortout the issue.

      Thanks in advance.