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    Using of s:link



      i got a bean for searching and invoce it via h:form:
      <h:selectOneMenu value="#{ProductSearch.objectType}" id="objectType" required="true">
      <s:selectItems value="#{objectTypes}" var="objectType" label="#{objectType}"/>
      <h:commandButton id="startSearch" value="OK" action="#{ProductSearch.startSearch}" />

      now i'd like to do the same as a link and tried s:link:

      <s:link view="/products.xhtml" value="Allgemeine Produkte" action="#{ProductSearch.startSearch}">
      <f:param name="objectType" value="COMMON"/>

      objectType is simply a private member with getters and setters.
      But this way the bean ProductSearch doesnt get the value of objectType. I dont want to use  Parameters.instance() because it seams dirty to me

      thy for help