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    Seam  J2Me

    Devis Balsemin Newbie

      Hi to all...
      i have develop a bridge between jboss and j2me...
      I had the need to reuse my @Stateful EJb into my J2ME application, and I did not want rewrite a new code for my mobile.
      So I developed a system that could help me to recover as much code as possible, and ant task  that
      help to write skeleton and Value Object.

      My Seam

      public interface IDeviceAction extends {
          public CDeviceVO findByImei(String imei);

      My J2ME/ MoblitySeam

                     IDeviceActionMicro  device = (IDeviceActionMicro) seam.component("findByImei");
                      CDeviceVOMicro[] obj = device.findByImei("xxx");

      i hope that the code can explain better than my word... my library work only with seam component...
      Ok.. Let me know if you this thing is interesting for Seam Community because i like to share  my code but i have no idea, it's my first time, how to do.... any suggestion will be appreciate...
      Thank for all community