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    Known issue with seam generate in 2.1.0.GA

    Dan Allen Master

      I regret having to report that there is a typo in two of the FreeMarker templates used by seam-gen that causes the generate command to error out if the entity has a @ManyToOne association with a non-composite foreign key. The problem is documented in the issue JBSEAM-3617.

      Fortunately, the solution is extremely trivial. If you are patch savvy, you can apply the patch supplied with that issue. Otherwise, perform the following procedure.

      1. Open the file seam-gen/view/view.xhtml.ftl

      2. Replace the word indentifier with identifier

      3. Repeat for the file seam-gen/view/edit.xhtml.ftl

      All your woes will be gone.

      Also note that there are some circumstances under which the seam command is not working on Windows, reported here: JBSEAM-3585. Look for a patch to appear there soon.