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    Seam 2.1GA + plain J2EE security: userPrinicpal is null..


      Is it possible to use plain J2EE security with seam v2.1.0GA?

      Our application is deployed in WebSphere v6.1.0.17 with plain old POJOs and Hibernate (ie, no EJB3 nor JPA)

      The J2EE security is active. Any user has to logon to access the app.

      We have a servlet filter that perform some logic and uses the httpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() method to retrive the userid of the connected user

      Everything was working fine until we migrate to seam v2.1.0GA
      Now, with v2.1.0GA, the httpServletRequest.getUserPrincipal() in our filter servlet always return null

      Any clue?