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    Is there a limit to number of EL properties per object

    Patrick Madden Newbie


      I've noticed something strange. I have roughly 100 methods and/or properties exposed from a single stateful session bean. It is my main object for my entire application on a per user session basis (an enterprise search application). Some may argue that this object has gotten too large but that is outside the scope of my question.

      I seem to have hit some kind of limit on the ability of EL to read properties on this object. For example, I have had to break out some methods without changing any signatures or implementation into a secondary stateful session bean that I now inject this new bean into my main session bean. Once I do that the properties are again readable and/or found by EL (I no longer get the El exception saying property not found).

      For example, my main page has a tree on the left and a main content area on the right. The main content area on the right contains a number of tabs showing different views into the search results. Now depending on type of node selected in the tree, I dynamically change the tab to a certain view if it makes sense.

      For example here is an example of my new local interface:

      public interface SearchTabs
          public void destroy();
          public void create();
          public String getSelectedTab();    
          public void setSelectedTab(String String);
          public UITabPanel getTabPanel();
          public void setTabPanel(UITabPanel tabPanel);
          public String getTreeFavoredTab();
          public void setTreeFavoredTab(String tab);      

      Factoring out the destroy and create methods, I didn't change a thing. Prior to this I had the same 6 properties in my main local interface for my main session bean. However, it simply would not find them. Since I did cross the 100 property/method boundary with these 6 methods it is starting to quack like a duck. Could there really be 100 limit on properties/methods with respect to EL?

      Has anyone heard of this before or run into this before?