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    javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException: 2.1.0 GA and SP1 but not in 2.1.0 beta after re-login

    Peter Whitmore Newbie

      I already posted something similar a few days ago, but I got no reply and thought I'd try again. Sorry for double post.. ;-)

      seam 2.1.0 SP1
      JBoss 4.2.3GA
      Richfaces 3.2.2

      After I upgraded from the 2.1 beta to 2.1.GA and then SP1 I will get a

      javax.ejb.NoSuchEJBException: Could not find stateful bean

      after I logout and re-login.

      The logout event is mapped to invalidate the session inside my components.xml.

      <event type="org.jboss.seam.security.logoutSuccessful">
                <action execute="#{session.invalidate}" />
                <action execute="#{sessionContext.flush}" />

      The bean that can't be found is a Stateful Session bean which is injected into an application scoped bean.

      As I mentioned it works fine in 2.1.0 and previous versions.

      Any ideas?