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    Pausing asynchronous methods

    Phil Haigh Novice


      I have a simple asynchronous method. However, I want to, mid way though processing it, pause the method.

      I have found it impossible to call an asynchronous method from within itself...

          public void restoreResources(@Duration Long waitBeforeStart)
              log.info("Restoring resources");
              if (Constants.APPLICATION_PATH!=null && Constants.APPLICATION_PATH.length()>0)
                    storedResources = Constants.UPLOAD_PATH;
                   copyFiles(new File(storedResources));        
                   log.info("Resources restored..");
                   log.info("Application not ready for restore resources... waiting...");
      // This is what doesn't work:  
      //Or any combination of trying to access the component, inject it etc etc.

      Is there a way to achieve this?