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    Http headers propagation

    Chris Chris Newbie


      I configured a simple seam application. It works fine.

      I access it from another server passing http headers in the request.
      And I also configured JOSSO to protect the seam app and deal with SSO in the infrastructure.
      But I can't figure out how to pass the http headers down to the seam application.

      Beware that the josso (on tomcat) and seam app (on jboss) are not on the same server. So I can't put the data in a session object. I really have to forward it to the seam app through the http header!? No ? But the redirect JOSSO makes creates a new request and thus drops the http headers. Is there a simple trick to avoid this kind of problem ? using a reverse proxy ? how ? or what else ?


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          Chris Chris Newbie

          Hi Chris,

          There is a config section in the josso-agent-config.xml file








          Try uncommenting it. This might solve your problem.