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    Do edit pages always require long-running conversation

      On edit pages (i.e. pages where you display some data of a pre-existing record in input fields, and allow the user to change those values and submit the form), is a long-running conversation ALWAYS required? (Starting the conversation using <begin-conversation> in pages.xml)

      I ask because there are two separate web requests that happen - one upon initial page load, to fetch the current values of the data, and the other to submit the edited values. Because of this, is it possible to manage such an editing feature outside of a long-running conversation? (Not that I don't want to have a long-running conversation, I just want to know my options and make sure I'm understanding this correctly.) What are the other options, if any? Thanks.

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          Not the only option.  You could use a session scoped backing bean, or do it completely stateless with a hidden input for the PK.  You could probably also do it exclusively with page parameters, which I wouldn't.  If the edit page is preceded by a search/list page I would definitely recommend a LRC, with the edit page joining the convo.  This makes sticky search criteria/results much simpler to maintain.