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    release date?



      I was wondering if there was a planned release date for the open source version of metamatrix (if at all?).

      I am interested in seeing what metamatrix can offer for metadata management.



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          I need to get this info, too. Haven't heard from the sales team yet. :(


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            The MetaMatrix products will certainly be taken to open source. There's not a single release date for an open source version, however. The process will occur incrementally over time. Details will follow in the next 60 days or so.

            In the meantime, if you are interested in the MetaMatrix tech and would like to try it out, you can request an evaluation copy through Red Hat sales.

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              Hi Ken,

              thanks for the reply. Interestingly when you contact Red Hat Sales, you don't get a reply :-)

              I am interested in evaluating MetaMatrix (in its current form, fully accepting multitudes of changes) so if there are any ways of getting a copy that would be great.

              Many thanks,


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                Hi Norman,

                As an alternate approach, please send an email to metamatrixquestions at redhat.com requesting an evaluation so someone can follow up with you directly off-list.


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                  Any updates on release date or evaluation?

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                    Any ballpark dates for the release? Can we get a hold of it via some other medium in the mean time?


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                      Same interest here, I am starting a new project and I would love to use metamatrix is available, otherwise I will have to use something like Xaware

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                        MetaMatrix 5.5.2 is currently shipping and available for free evaluation (time limited). It's not available as a free download at this time because it's not yet open source'd. That process is underway and progressing. Community projects based on MetaMatrix tech are targeted for late this year. In the meantime, you can request an eval copy through this link:


                        Yes, this is a "contact sales" link and some of the questions are not directly applicable but it's the quickest way to get a trial in your hands. Just choose MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform from the Product of Interest drop down.


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                          Hi there,

                          What is happening with this project. Is there going to be an open source release? If so, is it possible to give time frame for the release?

                          Thank you,


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                            We will announce the open source projects for the MetaMatrix code base in the first couple weeks of 2009. Stay tuned!


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                              Anything regarding the release?

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                                To the various patient folks that have been inquiring about the open source release of MetaMatrix tech, it is now, finally, available. We haven't done the full public launch yet (coming soon) but the site is live and the project was presented at the JBoss Virtual Experience(1) virtual conference on Feb 11, 2009. The name of the base project is Teiid available at http://www.teiid.org. A Teiid is a whiptail lizard known for speed and agility. Teiid is also a play on the EII (Enterprise Information Integration) acronym.

                                More to follow over the coming weeks as we get the Teiid forums seeded, smooth a few rough edges in the site, and continue moving the technology forward.

                                Stop by, meet the team, have a look and let us know what you think.


                                (1) Link to JBoss Virtual Experience: