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    Seam in a big portal site

    soares gouveia Newbie

      Hi people,
      I have a doubt about the best practices using Seam with JSF for performance and scalability. I need to develop a web site that should have a lot of users and a lot of page views, almost like e-bay. I know that I should have an inteligent and fastar way to store the terabytes of informations, but for this problem I have some ideas.

      I just worried about the Seam / JSF lifecycle and memory use... To develop web sites with a lot of page views could I use Seam / JSF for shure? If I can, what the main things that I need to know and to take care to develop for performance with Seam / JSF?

      Thank you very much!

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          Jean Luc Apprentice
          This topic has been discussed a number of times (including recently) on this forum, check the archive. Certain lack of optimizations regarding resolving component names and evaluating ELs are a serious concern.

          Personally, after several months of using Seam & JSF, I doubt it can be used for that level of performance (and I went to technical sessions about eBay's architecture and what performance problems they faced). Actually, I'd say that for that level of load, a framework's performance must be *proven*, not assumed. So far, I haven't used a really fast application built with Seam :-( I don't know much about this infrastructure of seamframework.org and how much effort has been put into it as a showcase of Seam, but many operations (search, clicking on [Knowledge Base=>http://seamframework.org/Documentation/KnowledgeBase]) take a few seconds.

          Good luck. You may need it.