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    How to use pageflows and


      First of all sorry for this goony question!

      I want to integrate pageflows to my Seam-Applikation. I'am using Seam 2.1.2. But there are several Questions i didn't find a answer I understand (Newbie):

      - What I have to do in Eclipse  (standard structure)
      - Where in the structure I have to create the pageflow-file
      - How could I use the graphical Designer

      Thank you all in advance

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          I am also new to Seam, but have made great strides recently in the area of pageflow. However, your questions are too vague to answer.

          I also use eclipse.  Did you create a project using seam-gen?  There are clear instructions somewhere (google is your friend) on how to use this infrastructure in eclipse.  Again, you need a clearer question to get an actual answer.  Also, you need to demonstrate that you've tried solving this on your own.

          This is an excellent reference when posting to forums. Really, before you post to forums:


          Also, here is a good source I found (other than the seam documentation) that explains pageflow.



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            Hi Tanya!

            Thank you for your instructions! (:

            I am dispair of inconsitent (for me) information.      
            Google is no longer my friend. I found no good howto. On the seam documentatin (Seam documentation) I found some informations about application.xml and  jpdl.xml  and so on. I can't do anything with it.
            I need a docu like (click here, put this file there, ...)

            Did you create a project using seam-gen?

            I don't know! I think no! I create a new JBoss Seam Web Projekt via File/New...

            Your shrubbery-Link

            I am confused! I think the pages.xml file is not the pageflow infrastructure! Have I to write my pageflow-rules in the pages.xml-file.      
            I can not write a new file for each orchestration of xhtml-files?

            I think i installed the jpdl source. I added the jboss-seam.jar to the EAR-Library. But what to do exactly than (see link above).

            I hope i don't confuse you!?  But for all that I hope you will write a answer!

            (TDR? Total Drug Resistance)

            Have a nice day and thank you for your answer.      I try  to don't trouble my head about it. Perhaps I can solve it tomorrow!