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    PersistenceProvider featureSet.add() doesn't work

    Uros Majeric Newbie

      I have overriden the method validate() in MyEntityQuery (extends EntityQuery):

           info("PersistenceProvider.instance(): "+PersistenceProvider.instance().getClass());
           if (!PersistenceProvider.instance().supportsFeature(Feature.WILDCARD_AS_COUNT_QUERY_SUBJECT)) {
                info("!supportsFeature WILDCARD");

      I get an output:

      PersistenceProvider.instance(): class org.jboss.seam.persistence.HibernatePersistenceProvider
      !supportsFeature WILDCARD

      In HibernatePersistenceProvider there is


      but it is not enabled in my class. So I get some errors in entities wih composite keys. I should have 'WILDCARD AS COUNT QUERY SUBJECT' enabled.
      Any idea?

      Thanks, uros