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    Questions about Resteasy and Jbpm



      I have a few questions about resteasy and jbpm.
      First i have to explain my problem.

      I have a payment process with jbpm, with several pages, and the payment page redirect the client to the website of a bank (on a special page)
      When the client validate the payment on the bank site, the bank redirect him to my site and put in the request (with an input hidden type) an encrypt String to decode with their API.

      The fact is that i can custom the link for the redirect to my site when the payment is validate.

      My questions are :

      - Should i have to use a webservice ? can i get from the request the encrypt String with a webservice like Resteasy (@PathParam impossible because of the encrypted String is 'hidden' in the request)

      - Once the webservice method has done its task, how can i reintegrate my jbpm process, and display a confirmation page for the payment ?