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    seam connection leak??

    Dean Hiller Expert

      We started running performance tests and load on our server.  Eventually, all the connections are in use and I start getting timeouts on getting connections from the pool, then I shutdown the load test and wait, the logs come to a halt pretty quickly but all the db connections are still in use in the pool. 

      I have run this twice, and 13 minutes later, the connections are finally back in the pool in one run, and 9 minutes later in another run but the server just sits there for 13 minutes....no logs, no nothing and at 13 minutes, it then spews out a bunch of very old requests from what I can tell. 

      My question is this...where is the logic in seam or jboss for opening a connection and releasing it back to the connection pool as I need to find a log to turn on and see if who is leaking these connections(and hopefully feed the fix back to the project that needs it).