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    ExceptionFilter issues

    Walter White Novice

      I am having issues with my ExceptionFilter and exceptions.  When a user does not have access to an item, I throw a security exception found below and want them to be shown the authorization error page.  The message I have configured does get shown so it appears this is working; however, it appears that it cannot find that page and is redirecting to the page not found page.

      The interesting thing is, that whenever other exceptions occur, the generic error page works just fine as does the page not found.  When this happens, the address in the bar no longer references the rewritten url, but the actual path to the viewId.

      I want to keep the user in the clean environment so they never see the actual path to the content as well as ensure they get the proper error page.

      <exception class="org.jboss.seam.security.AuthorizationException">
                <redirect view-id="${page.error.authorization}">
                     <message severity="ERROR">You don't have permission to do this</message>

      Any ideas?