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    Downloading pdf and excel in a pageflow - can't do!

    Troy Tarrrant Newbie


      I have an existing pageflow and I need a link to download to excel and pdf. This works fine if I am NOT in a pageflow, I have no issue with that but in the context of a pageflow I either get an 'Illegal Navigation' error or I remain STUCK on the download page. If I explicitly reference the page with the download markup, like so:

      <s:link view="/view/export/statement_excel.xhtml" target="new" styleClass="excel_toolbar" />

      then I get the 'Illegal Navigation' error cos page flow kicks in and STOPS me from navigating. If I put the action in the pageflow and add an extra page in the pageflow to the download markup page like so:

      In the page

      <s:link action="export" target="new" styleClass="excel_toolbar" />

      In the pageflow

      <page name="view" view-id="/view/view_statement.xhtml" redirect="true">
                <transition name="export" to="excelExport" />
      <page name="excelExport" view-id="/view/export/statement_excel.xhtml" redirect="true" />

      The pageflow thinks I am now on page statement excel.xhtml and because this page has no transistions I'm forever stuck on this page and every link I now click does a download.

      Please tell me there is a way around this as I don't won't to have to rewrite my page flow back into normal pages navigation :(