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    Help required in writing a query



      I have created an application using seam gen and i have a scenario where i have two related tables location and device. If i click on the device tab, it should take me to DeviceList.xhtml and display only the devices associated with selected location. But is should be able to retain the general search function provided by seam gen. That is, when the device tab is clicked DeviceList.xhtml should be shown with the list of devices associated with the location. When the user wants to search any device, he should be able to do search the devices too.

      I hope i'm clear in what i exactly want. Please let me know how to do this.

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          Hi Anitha,

          I'm not sure if I understood your issue correct. Whenever you select a location which takes you to the DevicesList.xhtml try to pass the selected location as parameter into the location search parameter seam-gen already generated for you in the DevicesList.page.xml, e.g.

            <f:param name="location" value"#{selectedLocation}/>

          <param name="location" value="#{devicesList.devices.location}"/>