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    trouble with compiled test classes


      I'm using Seam and RichFaces, and am just getting started with JSFUnit. I'm having to use Ant and Maven together since we have to use OC4J, which I don't think is supported by Cargo.

      Even using the Ant example in the jsfunit docs, I'm having trouble figuring out where to put my test class source code. After the build and deploy, the test class file is deployed just fine, but apparently in a location where it can't be found.

      I'm not sure how to be more specific since I'm new to jsfunit, and I realize our app is probably structured and packaged differently than the next app, so if anyone has been through this before and knows where I should try to place my test source code, I'd appreciate any help.

      - Joe

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          Maybe you could explain how you are using ant and Maven together. Are you running Ant inside Maven or are you running Maven tasks inside ant?

          Generally, you put JSFUnit test classes in the same place you put JUnit classes. They are usually run the same way. That is, however you kick off JUnit tests is how you kick off JSFUnit tests. The only difference with JSFUnit (and any Cactus test) is that you need to have your application deployed and running in the container and the test classes need to be bundled with your WAR.

          You can look at this cactus page to get a better idea of how this works. Note that a JSFUnit test IS a Cactus test:

          Hope that helps. I'll be glad to answer further questions.