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    Externalizing components.properties to work with placeholder

    Ritesh Shetty Newbie
      I come from Spring community and am very new to SEAM. In our project we would like to externalise all our runtime config like http url of a webservice to which we are a client, time out etc ...

      In spring we use propertyplaceholderconfigurer which used to assist in loading any key value file and by just using a EL something like ${myurl} used to replace the placeholder key with the right value.

      In SEAM only if i declare these values in components.properties (which has to be in classpath) and if i use @myurl@ in the components.xml it replaces the value with the placeholderkey.

      Now my question is i would like to externalise this components.properties. dont know how do i do it. I have tried spring+ seam integration but it doesnt work with property placeholder.