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    abstract entity and subclasses for components

    Rob Shepherd Newbie

      Recently we had,

      public class User { ... }

      But now we must change it to the following structure:

      public abstract class User { ... }
      public class UserTypeA extends User { ... }
      public class UserTypeB extends User { ... }


      I've tried various combinations of the @Entity, @Name and @Scope annotations,

      It seems I can't have multiple sub-types with @Name

      Two components with the same name and precedence - component name: user

      But if they exist on User SEAM complains that User is abstract.

      Then, making User non-abstract (not ideal) I see it get's installed (But only the super-type)
      The other types don't get a mention.

      I see examples like this have been raised, but this is a simple case of polymorphism, where the concrete sub-types provide minor implementation differences.  The whole application (apart from a single other method) just requires:

      @In User user

      Any hints on what to do?

      Thanks and kind regards


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          Sean Tozer Newbie

          Try the following mapping:

          abstract class User { ... }

          class UserA extends User { ... }

          That will map UserA to the correc table, whatever it is in your setup, while still alowing both user types to be stored in a User variable. The trick of course is the MappedSuperClass, which makes Seam (through Hibernate) aware of the class and hierarchy without actually trying to map it to any instantiable entity.