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    org.openid4java.discovery.yadis.YadisException: 0x704: I O transport error:

    khalid akhter Newbie
      My application is working fine with me.yahoo.com and https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id but it encountered the following error when I login by using http://farhan1234.myopenid.com  (myopenid provider)

      2010-11-11 01:17:37,959 INFO  [STDOUT] (http-soa%2F10.5.0.220-8080-1) Hibernate: select post0_.id as id86_, post0_.createDate as createDate86_, post0_.creator as creator86_, post0_.message as message86_ from post post0_
      2010-11-11 01:17:38,038 INFO  [org.openid4java.discovery.Discovery] (http-soa%2F10.5.0.220-8080-1) Starting discovery on URL identifier: http://farhan1234.myopenid.com/
      2010-11-11 01:17:46,543 WARN  [org.jboss.seam.security.openid.OpenId] (http-soa%2F10.5.0.220-8080-1) org.openid4java.discovery.yadis.YadisException: 0x704: I/O transport error:

      I am looking for solution and it will be highly appreciable.
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          Tim Evers Master

          All I'm seeing is a WARN message.

          If you are getting an error then you need to provide the stacktrace of the error.

          However I typed 0x704: I/O transport error into google and pretty sure I found your problem. I would recommend you do some googling as this problem is probably nothing to do with Seam at all.

          Read all the links in this page

          My guess is that if you go read your server logs you'll find a connection timeout on the GET operation for that URL.

          I know I said that this problem has probably got nothing to do with Seam but, I decided to go investigate just a lil.

          I found this in org.jboss.seam.security.openid.OpenId.java

          protected String authRequest(String userSuppliedString, String returnToUrl) {
              try {
                  ...bunch of code
              } catch (OpenIDException e)  {

          So, for some reason Seam is catching the exception and logging it out as a warn message and then returns null. This means the login method does nothing.

          So, take the time to investigate your problem properly. Check your server logs for some info (hopefully a stacktrace). Double/Tripple check you are using the right values. Download the Seam source code and put a breakpoint in the OpenId.class and find out what the cause is of the exception or find out why you are only getting 1 line of the exception in your logs. Either that or maybe you have just neglected to give the entire stacktrace. Seam is making the right call to log the entire exception so...maybe your logging settings are wrong.

          Anyways, check all that and get back to us with what the real problem is. :)