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    seam pdf encoding

    omid pourhadi Apprentice

      i am using seam pdf but unfortunatly when i generate pdf file, unicode character does not shown how can i overcome this situation ?

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          Leo van den berg Master


          This has to do with the fact that the PDF-generator should include the special fonts in the final result.
          As far as I know the seam PDF generator isn't able to do this, so you should go back to the basics.
          To prevent these problems I use JasperReport. Its editor iReport has the posibility to define the inclusion of fonts, which works.

          It's a bit more complicated, but the ireport designer is a great tool, compared to the spartan way of editing Seam PDF pages.

          Just give it a try


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            Tony Herstell Master

            Also moved to Jasper Reports to overcome limitations.
            Watch for fonts being on server as well.

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              Rossen Gospodinov Newbie

              This problem was solved a few months ago. I personally wrote the fix that was included in version 2.2.1.CR1:


              The font must be installed on the system or embedded in the PDF document.

              If you are using a facelets template for generating the PDF use:

              <p:font name="/usr/share/fonts/webcore/verdana.ttf" encoding="Cp1251" embedded="true" size="10" style="bold">


              <p:font name="c:\\windows\\fonts\\verdana.ttf" encoding="Cp1251" embedded="true" size="10" style="bold">

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                omid pourhadi Apprentice
                i created seam pdf but i've got wierd result
                text must appear sth like this
                اميد پورهادي
                but it appears this
                ا م ي د پ و ر ه ا د ي
                words seperate from each other
                [CODE]<p:font name="c:\\windows\\fonts\\arial.ttf" encoding="Identity-H"  embedded="true" >
                اميد پورهادي
                I'm using JBOSS AS 6 and SEAM 2.2.1CR3