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    Seam Security: permission chaching?

    Syed Mahdi Apprentice

      Hello All,

      I tried to find the question that I had but i didnt find any answers so I am asking here.

      we are using Seam Security for our authorization implementation with object based permissions. Is there a way to cache these permission. we are trying to use instance level permissions or object based permissions for each user. and considering the number of instance created, and then the users, I think that the level of traffic would be very high if the seam stores these permissions in a JPA identity store then it would query the db for every action or button that the user presses. Dont you think its will slow sown the application. I had turned on the hibernate show sql property and its hitin the db for every action.

      I would like to know if there is a way to cache these permissions. SEAM is so powerful in some regards, its so easy to code in seam and very undestandable. I just tried like seam for three days and I already have an app up n runnning with seam security with object based permisssions on the UI xhtmls. I would really hope to see the caching become possible. I am sure gavin king must have forseen this and must have done something about it.
      I will really appreciate a reply.