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    RichFaces Page Refresh


      I am developing a JBoss Seam/RichFaces/JSF/AJAX application.  I have several pages where a user fills in forms or I am rendering columns certain colors and things of that nature.  When I hit the Clear or Reset button, I would like the form to clear.  Likewise when I hit the Submit button, I would like the columns colors in my rows in my dataTable to change accordingly.  This is not working.  Normally, I would use a meta-refresh if I was just using JSPs or such, but I know there is an easier way to do this with RichFaces.  I have also tried reRendering the panel, dataTable, ect and nothing seems to clear the form.  Help please!

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          Sorry, I might not have been very clear in the first post.  I basically want to know how to do a Page Refresh after pressing Submit.  AND I want to understand how to Clear/Reset Form data by simply pressing a Clear/Reset button.