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    Passing a seam resource bundle message to a facelet

    kamal perera Newbie

      I'm trying to pass a resource bundle message as a parameter to a facelet. But the facelet only displays the key of the message. I tried both,

      <ui:include src="/controls/my-facelet.xhtml">
                         <ui:param name="value"
                           value="#{messages['testMessage']}" />

      <ui:include src="/controls/my-facelet.xhtml">
                         <ui:param name="value"
                           value="#{messages.testMessage}" />

      my facelet is,

       <h:graphicImage value="/image/msginfo.png" id="exp#{id}" />
         <rich:toolTip mode="client" for="exp#{id}">
            <h:panelGrid style="width:250px">
            <h:outputText value="#{value}" />

      but neither of the above worked. when I printed the value in the facelet it displays as testMessage.

      Any help about this?