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    JpaIdentityStore and external user class jar

    Daniel Wu Newbie


      I've developed two separate Seam applications that use JpaIdentityStore for authentication. The projects structure were built using JBoss Tools and I'm packaging them in an EAR file. For now, both projects have their own User classes. I've tried to put this common User class in an external jar and reference it in the WAR and EJB module by putting it inside the EarContent/lib folder in the EAR project.

      I also changed the user-class attribute of the security:jpa-identity-store tag in components.xml in order to reference the User class inside the external jar.

      When I try to login, I get the following messages:

      [QuerySplitter] no persistent classes found for query class: select u from br.gov.mpf.zeus.entity.Usuario u where login = :username
      [SeamLoginModule] Error invoking login method

      Is there any problem with this approach of creating an external jar to hold the User class?

      Thanks in advance,