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Seam Delete Method no working - Is Something Wrong?

Olalekan Ogunleye Newbie
Hi All,

I have tried everything possible but it seems like its not working. May be I am doing something wrong I don't know but can someone please help point me to anything that I am doing wrong.
Before I was using ordinary seam and when I used this method to delete it was working fine by deleting the data from my database.

I have switched to seam framework where I used Home and Entity and I wanted to use this delete method but it is not working. I tried also to used the remove method from and It is not working. Below is the error and the error log that I am getting. Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong or point me to an example that show how this is done.

Thank you

Delete Method

public class UserList extends EntityQuery<Subscriber> implements UserListInterface{

private EntityManager entityManager;

     private Subscriber subscriber;

     List<Subscriber> subscribers;

     public void subscriberList(){
          System.out.println("SubscriberList called");
          subscribers = entityManager.createQuery("Select s from Subscriber s").getResultList();

public void deleteUser() {
          subscriber = new Subscriber();
          subscriber = entityManager.find(Subscriber.class, subscriber.getSubscriberId());




import javax.ejb.Local;
public interface UserListInterface {
     //public boolean delete(Subscriber deleteSubscriber) throws SQLException;
     public void deleteSubscriber();
     public void showDetails();


</s:link> |
                <s:link id="delete" value="Delete" action="#{subscriberList.deleteSubscriber}" onclick="return confirmDelete()">

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    Leo van den berg Master


    hi look closely to your code again and see my remarks:

    @Transactional // Should be inside a Transaction !!
    public void deleteUser() {
       // subscriber = new Subscriber(); // You're creating a new object, and then ask the database to find it?
      subscriber = entityManager.find(Subscriber.class, subscriber.getSubscriberId()); // If you take out the previous lijne, it will find the object 
      subscribers.remove(subscriber.getSubscriberId()); // Is this a reference to the ID, should be a reference to a subscriber
      entityManager.flush(); // add this line if you have manual flushing

    Hopefully this helps,