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    Seam 2.2.2.Final + JBPM 3.2.2

    David Faulstich Newbie
      I have a production system using Jboss Seam 2.2.2.Final + JBOSS 5.1.0.GA + JBPM

      On the very begining with little amount of tasks the tasklist for some Actors and pooled actors, the datatable responsible for the rendering of the avaiable tasks had a good performance.

      Now, some users has more than 1000 tasks avaiable (The total of taskinstances are about 50.000 as processinstances as well), the performance is very poor.

      Debuging using the seam source and the beans (org.jboss.seam.bpm.pooledTaskInstanceList), I found that every line of the datatable the jbpm queries are completely executed again.

      My datatable has a colum with action buttons using <s:button> to perform task control (assing to actor, unassing task).

      If i stop using s:button, the query are executed only once (when the datatable are rendered).

      I will try to use h:commandButton and other changes, but doing it maybe I´ll have to stop using @BeginTask and @EndTask because h:commandButton does not have option to pass the taskinstance.

      This is a bug?