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    RedHat support for jBPM 5

    Affan Dar Newbie

      Looking at various posts on the internet it seems like RedHat does not provide official support for jBPM 5 but these posts are dated. Does RedHat provide jbpm 5 support now? Or is it in the plans soon? Please redirect me to the right forum if this is not the right one for the question.



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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          This is not the right forum, I don't think that there is a forum for that.. look for something like sales@redhat.com in the redhat.com page.


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            Massimo Gentilini Newbie

            Important note: I'm not a RedHat employee or in any way involved with them, so take these info with the right degree of correctness.


            We are JBPM5 users and from various consultancy from RH we got the following:


            - JBPM5 seems to be scheduled to enter in the fully supported lifecycle sooner or later in 2012, now is not supported (yet). I believe this information has been shared also officially (some slides in some event, that is)

            - It's not known how the licensing will work and if JBPM will have a stand alone license or will be included in some part of the current offering like BRMS or if the current offering will evolve to include JBPM in other ways

            - You can use RH consultancy for support, they will be very happy to assist you (provide you pay the consultancy fees), so the sales address of RH is the best starting point