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  • 15. Re: Notes on trunk
    Clebert Suconic Master

    I just committed the changes.. but there are a few issues to be solved now...


    Instead of creating a new branch.. I decided to just commit it on trunk.


    There was one change on blocking at failover on Branch_2_2, and due to the fact that all sessions are now closed on tests. there are a few FailoverTests hanging.



    First one I'm investigating is StaticClusterWithBackupFailoverTest (all all the other siblins tests that share the same base class).


    @Francisco: if you could help me investigate this test.



    Also: one thing I would like to eliminate from the code base is the CloseRunnables on the ClientSessionImpl. Is that really needed?

  • 16. Re: Notes on trunk
    Clebert Suconic Master

    I believe that there's something that was broken even before...


    I have seen a few failover tests that were changed to stop backup and start live manually (instead of letting the backup to be activated based on locks).



    This is probably related here.

  • 17. Re: Notes on trunk
    Clebert Suconic Master

    StaticClusterWithBackupFailoverTest was being ignored on 2.2


    The test fails because the server is sending a disconnect and the topology is being removed on client.


    I have had a hard time understanding the test but I'm on the right track now.

  • 18. Re: Notes on trunk
    Clebert Suconic Master

    The test is failing because of the lockdown we have on close. It's a more general issue on trunk.


    We should talk about it on IRC this friday.

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