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    Testable Architecture with BPMN2 Choreographies - 2.0.0.CR1 has been released!


      Since the release of the previous milestone, work on BPMN2 Choreography support has advanced significantly. It is now possible to:


      • Create a BPMN2 choreography using the Eclipse BPMN2 modeler (available via the Savara update site). Although this modeler is still a work in progress, I'd like to thank Bob Brodt (BPMN2 modeler project lead) for his work on adding usability features to make the creation of choreographies as easy as possible.
      • Simulating a Scenario against the BPMN2 choreography
      • Generating a range of artifacts from a BPMN2 choreography, including:
        • BPEL (generic and Switchyard project variations),
        • BPMN2 process models, and
        • SCA Java.


      NOTE: We currently only support Choreography Task, Exclusive and Parallel Gateways within the BPMN2 choreographies. Intermediate events, other gateways and activities will be added in subsequent versions - if you have particular need for a component, then please raise a jira including an example model where possible.


      Other new features in this release include:


      • Simulating a Scenario against a BPEL process definition, based on deriving a protocol description from the BPEL process. In the future we will also be looking to do simulation against an executing BPEL process.
      • Generating a BPMN2 Process Model from a BPEL process definition



      The way the Eclipse plugins have been organised has slightly changed for this release. We have introduced an 'incubator' feature, which will be used to provide access to experimental features before they are considered stable enough to move into the main feature.


      Information on how to create a choreography can be found in the User Guide. An example Eclipse project, including BPMN2 Choreography and accompanying Scenarios, can also be found on the downloads page.