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    Process getting into JBPM Console from eclipse: looks like Magic

    Satish Vemula Newbie



      I have recently installed the JBOSS bundle of JBPM 5.2 and adding one two simple BPMN processes to the evaluation resource folder.


      I am doing the development using regular ant start.demo as a starting point. All of a sudden, I started seeing the new processes in the JBPM console.


      I have never explicitly deployed them as such. (I am trying to find a way to deploy them as such). I am able to run the processses from the eclipse, but in case of Console models, they are having issues finding the forms I guess.


      Can any one explain where the magic is happening?




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          a_nat Newbie



          The processes get loaded in the jbpm console beacuse the property jbpm.console.directory points to the evaluation folder.

          This is defined by the following property in the build.xml

          <arg value="-Djbpm.console.directory=${install.home}/sample/evaluation/src/main/resources" />


          While the console loads the processes, it looks for this property, loads any processes present from this location, and as well loads the processes in the defaultPackage of guvnor.


          The easiest way to upload the ftl's is to put them into Guvnor. You can alternatively place them inside the jbpm-gwt-form-5.2.0.Final.jar which is present inside web-inf/lib folder of the jbpm-gwt-console-server.war in jboss deploy folder.