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    JMX-Console alternative on JBoss 7.x




      we're currently in the process to switch our projects and infrastructure from JBoss 4.2.3 (it's really old, I know) to JBoss 7.x.


      We have a couple of management services that we used to invoke through the old JMX-Console, e.g. in order to manually clear and rebuild caches, etc.

      The beauty of that approach was that we only needed to write an MBean to expose the functionality we needed.


      The problem is that in JBoss 7.x there seems to be no JMX-Console (yet).


      I found a suggestion to build a JMX-Console like interface using JSF and a managed bean instead of the MBeans

      but that would still require some work in order to provide the interface for each management method as well as the menu to access those methods (there are quite a lot and I'd like to have them grouped somehow).


      Additionally, we'd still have to use our MBeans, although they'd now be annotated with @Singleton rather than @Service.

      Thus we'd have to add at least two classes now: the MBean/Singleton and the JSF Managed Bean.


      So here's my question: is there any less intrusive/expensive way to expose those management methods in a web console?


      Additionally, does anyone know if and when there will be a new version of the JMX-Console?


      Thanks in advance.

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