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    Adding new  workitems programmatically, without repacking the application ?

    Arun V G Newbie

      I am working with creating domain specific processes and followed the example


      • Created  work definition in the MVEL format
      • Register the workdefinition in the drools.rulebase.conf
      • Creating the work item handler
      • Registering the workitem hanlder.


      And it worked effectively.


      Our requirment is to create new work definitions using an editor and save the attribtes of a work definition in a Database so that in future it can be edited or extended


      So my questions are


      • Can I create a Work definition in any other format other than the MVEL .( I don't want to be a polyglot )
      • Can I register the Work item to the processing engine programatically rather than having the drools.rulebase.conf  file in the class path.



      I am not very concerned about the eclipse/web editor as we have plans to develop it in house and we are evaluating jBPM for the processing part.



      Any hints would be highly appreciated