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    external activation not working for resource adapater

    Frank Langelage Master

      using JBoss-AS 7.1.0-SNAPSHOT I put this into standalone-full.xml


                          <connection-definition jndi-name="java:/eis/maj2e-langfr-dev/Controller">
                              <config-property name="ClientService">JCAClient</config-property>
                              <config-property name="ServerName">sb2000</config-property>
                              <config-property name="PortNumber">6506</config-property>
                              <config-property name="SocketTimeout">0</config-property>
                              <config-property name="Encoding">ISO-8859-15</config-property>


      this works perfect.


      But in the past with the previous JBoss versions we used an external file to configure the resource adapater.

      So I put the lines shown above into a file called maj2e-langfr-dev-ra.xml (see attached).

      I validated the file against the schema definition succesfully.

      Then copied it into $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/. JBoss says, the file got deployed.


      But the resource adapter is not activated.

      Can't see it on jboss-console web-app and do not see the "Bound JCA ConnectionFactory to [java:/eis/maj2e-langfr-dev/Controller]" message.


      What am I missing?