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    No save option in Designer

    out sider Newbie

      I want to include the Web designer that comes with jBPM in my application. As such I need to be able to open the designer with a process, edit it and save.


      I can open the process model but I'm not abel to save it because there is no save button.


      To open the process I simply use the folowing url:




      Which displays the bpmn2.0 model for the process with the id = 48c51971-54bf-4939-9785-c2843b7d4c7a


      In this demo http://vimeo.com/22033817 (2:08) it's possible to see a "save all changes" option...but I can't get that option to appear no meter what URL I use.


      So what URL shoudl I use in order to open a process diagram in the Web Designer but be capable of saving changes?


      Edit: When I try to access the standalone editor through:




      Gives me


      500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details



      Thanks in advance


      Solution: Needed to add &client=oryx at the end...

      Sorry for the truble

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