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    Infinispan Query API 'org.infinispan.query' missing in Infin

    Thanikachalam Varadarajan Newbie

      Thank you very much for releasing Infinispan.

      Today when I tried to write a stand alone Java program to query cachestore using org.infinispan.query package I found the package org.infinispan.query missing in the core jar.

      Also I noted a point at a page http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/QueryingInfinispan, where-in we have a few information about Querying Infinispan., In that there is a comment written as

      The 'fully functional' API is on the roadmap for Infinispan 4.1. However, there is a technical preview that will be available for 4.0.x releases. This will simply allow users to start using the API early and get familiar with it.

      Please advice and help us