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    Working towards RichFaces / PrimeFaces compatibility

    Lukáš Fryč Master

      Cagatay Civici wrote:



      @Brian, if you are open to discussions for compatibility between Rich and Prime, I'm ok with that. I guess all the problems I heard are because of both libraries using jQuery, I think that could be fixed if we include jQuery once, hopefully the same version

      Yes, this would solve one of compatibility problems. Question is how to achieve that.


      There is solution forcing JSF to do not render resource link by providing resource name/library which should not be rendered.

      But it is quite fragile, tied to impl, thus it would be great if the resource loading would get much more attention in JSF spec (there is no way how to control resource loading on high-level currently).


      But the intermittent solution above could be managed and supported in framework.

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