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    CDI @Inject in a JAX-WS service impl?

    Paul Robinson Master



      I have a JAX-WS service implementation class, that tries to @Inject a bean. The bean does not seem to be injected. If I change the Web service impl to be a stateless session bean, the @Inject is done.


      Here's my code, in which the inject is not done:


      @WebService(serviceName = "EchoServiceService", portName = "EchoServicePort",
              name = "EchoServiceImpl", targetNamespace = "http://my.org/simple")
      @SOAPBinding(style = SOAPBinding.Style.RPC)
      public class EchoServiceImpl implements IEchoService
          HelloBean hello;
          public String sayHello(String msg) throws MyException
              //throws a NPE:
              return hello.sayHello(msg);


      Is this a known limitation of JBossWS, or am I missing something?




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